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Police Sketch - Composite image creation. Application for the creation of photo based composite images or updating photos from known suspects. The image database includes numerous faces and accessories such as headgears, spectacles, sunglasses, jewels or physical characteristics like moles, scars, tattoos or wrinkles and represents all ethnic groups in various ages as well as different skin colors. The image database can be expanded and updated with typical local appearances at any time without additional cost.

COMPOSITE LAB offers the choice of different composite image creation methods: displaying full faces or facial features either in grey scale or color mode.

Comprehensive modification and graphic processing tools enable to create excellent composite image results in less time. A modification step gallery offers an unequalled comfort in accessing previous modification layers separately for editing. The user can refer to any available state of the image creation either during creation or when re-open the case again. This allows making any recent modification step or particular alteration as the current state to work on.

COMPOSITE LAB provides 3D transformation to solve also identification cases where faces were recognized only with a side-view or are partly hidden. All images from portrait archive can be displayed in 3D mode showing portrait faces in any xyz-angled view.

All database images are available as 3D models and can be used for arbitrary pose outputs to be compared with the witness’ remembered impressions.

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