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The multi-functional application for digital booking / registration, identification service and image processing, e.g. a Mug-shot program. The application comprises a wide range of registration tools and identification and investigation features as well as services for the work with witnesses. FACES.NET provides interfaces to 3rd party systems, e.g. AFIS databases. Through the ISIS-Interface this application can incorporate FIRE EXOS III* face recognition tasks and Forensics EXAMINER* the anthropological identification application as well as Composite LAB* software instantly creating police sketches when working with witnesses in finding suspects in the FACES.NET databases.

A wide range of options for image enhancements assure high image quality of all captured pictures. Portraits with angled views are automatically set to a zero horizontal and vertical angle processed by the inbuilt head and facial feature detection capabilities which are also used to record biometric templates* from each registered suspect.

FACES.NET supports numerous common image file formats. Besides still images also live video recording features are available to document voice and motion during booking processes. Each individual Criminal Record shows in an instant view the entire recorded biometric data and all other media files that have been added, including all administrative forms and reports.

FACES.NET offers comprehensive search and sort functions like photo queries or line-ups searching by physical characteristics and other verbal descriptors.

* when installed

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