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Identity Verification. By default, Fast Verifier is used checking large crowds of people to determine the identity between a ID document photo and its current appearance, e.g. stadium entrances or similar places with high public traffic.

A split image feature as a stand-alone tool in order to compare and verify two images with frontal views instantly. The handling of a verification process can be easily intoduced already with a short briefing, also non-expert personnell can be enabled to determine identity due to FAST VERIFIER's inbuilt expert knowlede features whith high automated processses.

The inbuilt checklist help document and print optical matching or non-matching facial details. For Portrait and profile views are different forms available. FAST VERIFIER offers a detailed classification form. This form is designed to provide a general description of the face. Also general Guidelines for the examination of cases involving image comparison and Interpretation as well as an overview on facial proportions are in-build.

The FAST VERIFIER provides examiner and ID determination tools for semi-professional and professional ID Experts as well as image processing and enhancement features including UMC 3D Transformation for pose correction
Several entry forms are available to document photo details of questioned images, e.g. imaging conditions as well as lighting conditions.

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