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Forensic Face Recognition beyond limits. The youngest version of the most advanced face recognition system available, the essence of 20 years of face recognition research and 20 years of feedback from customer experience from large active face recognition installations. This unique system uses anthropological basics and neuroscience findings to clearly recognize human faces.

​FIRE EXOS has been built for extremes: maximum accuracy, strongest robustness, multi-thredding ultra-speed processing and largest galleries - to be ready for any FR purpose. Extended and connected to the internet via the MEDUSA API though the MEDUSA-INTERFACE it provides mobile face recognition with the smartphone app MMC MEDUSA MOBILE CLIENT for mobile face recognition in field services.

The two self learning (AI) bipolar aligned but complementary analyzing FR algorithms of FIRE EXOS 5 are familiar with any phenotype, they even can handle faces covered with dark sunglasses and are able to identify individuals after decades of aging. Faces changed by different facial expressions are not a problem as well as unfavorable lighting conditions or view orientations. Inbuilt image enhancement features and pose correcting tools eliminate these adverse properties.

FIRE EXOS 5 covers all kinds of FR inquiries: One-to-One, One-to-Few and One-to-All. Enrolment features handle a single image enrolment as easy as mass enrolments from remote databases or stored images files in folders. But this application is much more, it provides all tools and features to an operator to define individual inquiry strategies to adapt to the quality of probe images to ensure high quality matches.   

FIRE EXOS 5 comes by default with a split-view visual verification tool for instant determination of identity between a match and the probe image.  As a  member of the ISIS Suite FIRE EXOS 5 provides a direct interface to the ID verification determination programs FAST VERIFIER or EXPRTISE EXAMINER.COMPACT-PRO

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