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Soft Tissue Face Reconstruction, rebuilding faces on skulls. With FORENSICS REBUILDER a science based  reconstruction is available in order to facilitate and speed up the process of finding the appropriate reproduction of an individual’s facial appearance.

Based on the craniofacial anthropometry technique FORENSICS REBUILDER offers a precise and systematic measurement of the bones of the skull using survey lines. According to these standardized survey lines the cranial landmarks are produced, by fitting a facial template onto the skull.

Since males and females differ significantly in soft tissue thickness FORENSICS REBUILDER offers a classification on sex specific data to determine the sex of a deceased person. This classification indicates regions or characteristics, which exhibit the differences at the male and female skull so that they can be assigned to the respective sex with high accuracy.

For one of the most difficult aspects of reconstruction, the estimation of tissue thickness FORENSICS REBUILDER offers inbuilt the most current standard Tissue tables as PDF related to different statuses of nutrition, such as normal expression or adipose for on-screen viewing. Additional tables can be added.

Utilizing the search module - similar to face recognition -  the operator is enabled to run a query in order to search for matches in the appropriate database - either skulls or missing persons - with the MOST SIMILAR DIMENSIONS.

An in-built “Morphological catalog” reduces the time consuming work when documenting the creation of a facial reconstruction.

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