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MATCH Tattoo Recognition

What is the program used for?

MATCH Tattoo Recognition is a pattern recognition program optimized for tattoo recognition. The program can search image collections (mug-shot images) with tattoos motifs, displaying identical or similar matches of search tattoo motifs classified.


Wearing one or more tattoos has exploded in recent years across almost all segments of the population. In addition to traditional biometric features, tattoos are now an additional source of growing importance to establish personal identities.

Tattoo recognition works similarly to facial recognition. From captured tattoos, MATCH creates a mathematical representation and stores it in so-called templates, which are then used for comparative searches. This is particularly advantageous for very large image sets, which can be evaluated within seconds.

In addition to the classical program configuration in the network including a database with templates, MATCH can also execute the recognition process on-the-fly. This means that it can also evaluate image files that are available in file format directly, without creating templates. This procedure is particularly suitable if no complex IT structures are available or only small image stocks with tattoo images are present.

MATCH Tattoo Recognition can perform a search with reliable recognition with individual tattoo motifs, but also with motif fragments or with several related tattoos.

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