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is the mobile Client on smartphones to extend the range of UNIDAS' Face Recognition application FIRE EXOS 5. The MEDUSA Client provides enrolment and matching with extensive administrative and biographical data. MEDUSA can be configured to a wide variety of applications.


The interface is the link between MEDUSA clients in the field and the FIRE EXOX 5 SERVER in a HQ to dispatch enrolments and ID matches. All incoming images captured by the MEDUSA CLIENTS are automatically quality enhanced and non-portrait view are automatically pose corrected to portrait views.


MEDUSA clients can involve the MEDUSA BACK OFFICE - the 'human extension' - to handle images that can't be processed automatically, e.g. a half-hidden face. In this case the incoming image is automatically routed to a FIRE EXOX 5 client where necessary image enhancement / pose corrections are processed by an officer on duty. After enhancement these images are  re-integrated into the current face recognition task.

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